School of Multimedia

The program enables our students to prepare for a career in digital design media and web technology, which allows them to explore the web or digital design using industry-standard software and incorporating design theory and efficient workflows. With hands-on experience in web design, motion graphics, multimedia, animation, and graphic design.

An overview of the principles, practices, techniques, and theories helps you design and develop digital media in web technology. The goal is to effectively and efficiently follow proven design theory in creating digital media in real life. 

You will learn about Digital Media and Web Technology; through your coursework, you will learn how to

Design, develop, and maintain digital media using current and emerging technologies that adhere to industry standards.

Identify, analyze needs and effectively manage projects and resources, applying business principles and techniques.

Design and develop web-based media to meet customer requirements and usability standards

Develop, test, and implement web and multimedia applications using techniques for scripting and programming

Apply theories to practices and principles effectively when designing and developing works in digital media

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