Letter From the President

Dear Parents, Gentlemen / faculty members, and employees of the respected College. My sons and daughters, students of Sub Saharan University College.

Allow me on this blessed day to greet you in particular and to welcome you to your college and would like to thank your parents for their precious confidence that the College of Sub- Saharan is the beacon that illuminates a bright future for our children and daughters who we cherish and look forward to as the rising generation of this nation.

God willing, we have the confidence and spare no effort toachieve the ambitions of our students. In this event, we at Sub Saharan University College are pleased to announce the beginning of the academic year (2019 – 2018) for bachelor’s degrees in business administration, accounting and information    technology.

I am pleased to note that the Ministry of Higher Education has approved Associate Degrees in applied accounting, information technology and network engineering. We will begin to complete the procedures required to open the doors for admission to these programs as well in the near future and more schools will follow next year such as, Medicine, Nursing, laboratory and Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

We have begun to offer an intensive program to develop the capabilities of our students in English language for a periodof six months, in accordance with internationally accredited teaching methods, and will be provided by qualified foreign speakers. This program coincides with another program to develop our students’ capability computer skills to prepare them for the system of teaching at the college so that they can interact with the curriculum of the college and provide the best of them and enhance their scientific and academic capabilities, which open the doors of the future in front of them.

We are keen to provide the best educational environment that meets the quality standards adopted and to meet the needs of the labor market through the development of skills and abilities in English language and computer for all students of the College without exception, in addition to our interest in different disciplines. It is worth mentioning that our preparations are ongoing and in full swing in preparation for the official opening of the College, which we will all share in the best way possible, reflecting the vision and status of Sub- Saharan College as a hope for the future generations.

Inconclusion, acceptmy wishesandgreetings of the Chairman of the Board of Regents  Dr. AlSadiq Al Khalafallah, the Board members and shareholders, and we wish you success in your first academic year and years to follow.

Dr. Suliman A Giddo MBA, CPM, CSP, IDHA, Ph.D. Founder and The President