School of Medical Laboratory


Subsaharan School of Medical Laboratory

Subsaharan School of Medical Laboratory

The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program at Sub-Saharan College is an undergraduate school established in 2022, located in El-Fashir City, North Darfur State, Sudan.  The program seeks candidates who want to pursue the field of medical laboratory sciences and medical laboratory scientists who are creative and academically ready to succeed towards their goals. The admission must be through the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and then an admission committee that decides to either accept or reject the candidate will interview the eligible candidates.

The Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences –Sub Saharan College seeks to be one of the leading faculties in its field nationally, regionally, and internationally, in terms of teaching and learning, the excellence of scientific research, and community services.


Providing academic programs that meet the requirements of comprehensive quality and are compatible with local and international standards to provide the community with specialists in the field of medical laboratories characterized by skill, ability to compete, the spirit of creativity, and initiative to serve the community and contribute to its development.


It is our commitment to equip our students with the right competencies and empower them with the knowledge, skills and personalities who are patient-focused with respect and compassion to transform medical caring to the Community.

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