Dr. Suliman A Giddo

Dr. Suliman A Giddo, MS, IDHA, CPM, Ph.D., Founder and President
Dr. Suliman A Giddo; Graduated from University of Khartoum with B.Sc in Business Administration, Post graduate Studies in Humanitarian and Emergency Management from Fordham University in NY, Master of Science in Management from Strayer University in Richmond; Post graduate studies in Strategic planning from Stanford University in CA and Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution form George Mason University.
He worked at the Department of Strategic Planning at The Ministry of Interior in Qatar. Before that he worked as a Senior Political Advisor for the government of South Sudan – a contractor for the State Department. Additionally, he has worked as Senior Consultant for the UA-UN joint mission for Darfur, where he drafted two peace protocols, for Internal Displaced Person returns and victims compensations which were signed and became a part of Darfur Peace Agreement. Prior to that he founded and led Darfur Peace and Development a USA based organization with offices in Sudan- Darfur and Chad. Working intensely with the Board of Directors and donors, he was able to support over 120,000 Students affected by the war in Darfur and Eastern Chad through the Schools Project. Thousands of women benefited from the income generation project, as well as youth and elderly men. He hosted over 200 peace and reconciliation workshops and conferences over the last 10 years in several venues – in USA, Italy, UK, Kenya, Chad, Doha and Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan with an intention to bring peace in Sudan. He served as the Chairman for the Disaster Management at American Red Cross in the Virginia, USA. And as General Manager for Gulf Group in United Arab Emirates as well as his work in UAE Government.
His concerns and interest in education started in the early 1970’s when his father took him to school at 6 years old. The closest school was 86 miles away from his village and he had to walk. However, with determination and perseverance he made it to the level where he stands today. His commitment to the Sudanese people has led him to pay back his community by establishing Sub-Saharan College.
Dr. Giddo was selected by Washington Magazine (2000-2010) as top 100 influential and famous individuals in the world in the humanitarian field.