Dr. Suliman A. Giddo Ph.D.

Dr. Giddo has an intensive working experience as a researcher, trainer and practitioner in different fields including political science, international relations, conflict resolution, mitigation, mediation, negotiations, humanitarian affairs, strategic planning and sustainable development programs. He was involved in mediating and negotiating conflicts in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, and The Central African Republic. He also conducted trainings, workshops, conferences in peace-building, peacemaking and peacekeeping in USA, United Kingdom, Qatar, Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia, Morocco, Italy, South Sudan and Sudan.

He taught at Indiana School of Business (USA) and the Institute of Public Administration in Qatar and worked as a researcher at George Mason University

Roles and Responsibilities

As chief executive officer of the College, the President is charged with the following specific responsibilities:

  • Exercising effective leadership in a joint effort with the Board to implement the policies, procedures, and mission, vision, and scope statements approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Providing effective leadership and support for an academic program and student life consistent with the quality and allocation of resources.
  • Developing competent and persistent administrative support to ensure effective and efficient management of the College.
  • Maintaining lawful, equitable, and efficient control over the budget and plans, per Board policies.
  • Interacting with appropriate external bodies, including state and national government agencies and international universities.
  • Development of effective external relations and fundraising program for the College
  • Representing the College in public affairs